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Receive SMS Online

SMScourt – free service to receive sms online, using fresh disposable and temporary phone numbers.

Receive messages, mms and voice mails online. No registration required. Just select a phone number from the list below, to receive SMS online. You can use it to receive SMS messages for verification on any website that asks for your number.


Receive SMS Online by selecting a disposable phone number below.

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How To Use This Service To Receive SMS Online?

  1. Select a virtual temporary phone number from the lists above.
  2. Use it on any website that asks for phone number to receive an OTP (one time password or verification code).
  3. Refresh the number's page to get your SMS and message online on our platform, completely free.
  4. Use the received SMS text's code to activate your account.

How does it work?

We use top tier cellular carrier providers to get our phone numbers, we link them to specific hardware and software so we can retreieve the received messages and calls programatically.

Upon reception of an SMS, we display it on it's own number's page, accordingly. We do this for hundreds of phone numbers of different cell carriers around the world. To ensure the best quality phone numbers.

Most of our numbers aren't virtual phone numbers or VOIP numbers; these are real SIM cards numbers. We update most of these numbers every day to keep our service working optimally and fresh. To keep our visitors who are seeking sms reception online happy, and returning.

Note: VOIP phone numbers and fake virtual phone numbers aren't good for SMS reception, because most websites won't deliver SMS texts to them.

To guarantee the reception of SMS from any sender. We use real phone's SIM card number per page.

We know people struggle to get working online phone numbers that are working and fresh enough for most sites.

The reception time of the SMS message is blazing fast, since our service uses SIM cards, there is no delays; technical issues or reception and delivery errors. Just make sure you choose a live temporary number, and your SMS will be received as fast as possible, without hiding or blurring important informations.

FAQ about our "receive sms online" service

Is this service really free? Yes! our website SMScourt is completely free to use, including all services we provide.

Are the temporary phone numbers fresh? We update our list of temp, disposable phone numbers frequently, in some cases almost daily, most of the time weekly, to provide our visitors the best service out there.

Are the temp sms numbers shared or private? The numbers are shared and public for usage to all of our website's wisitors. The messages are readable by all visitors.

How can I receive sms online? Easy and straightforward, go to SMScourt homepage, choose any live temp sms number to use. Use it anywhere verification SMS is asked for, the SMS message will be displayed on the number's page upon reception.

What countries' SMS & text number do you provide? We provide SMS text phone numbers of almost every country, most of the time, we support tier1 countries like: France, Japan, USA, Germany, Spain, UK, Italy, and many tier2 and tier3 countries as well.

What are these numbers used for actually? Most people use them numbers to activate and verify their accounts on various websites that sends OTP and codes.
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