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Frequently Asked Question


Is this service really free?

Our website SMScourt is completely free to use, including all services we provide.

Are numbers fresh?

We update the temporary phone numbers frequently, in some cases almost daily, most of the time weekly, to provide our visitors the best service out there.

Are the temp sms numbers shared or private?

The numbers are shared and public for use to anyone. The messages are readable by all visitors.

How to receive sms online?

Go to SMScourt and choose any live temp sms number to use. Use it anywhere verification SMS is asked for, the SMS message will be displayed on the number's page upon reception.

What countries' SMS & text number you provide?

We provide SMS text phone numbers for all countries, most of the time, we support tier1 countries like: France, Japan, USA, Germany, Spain, UK, Italy, and many tier2 and tier3 countries as well.

What are these numbers used for?

Most people use these numbers to activate and verify their accounts on various websites that sends OTP and codes.