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How to send free SMS texts online for free?


1. SMScourt private API

You can use our SMScourt API endpoints to send and receive SMS texts to anywhere in the world, completely free. Unfortunately, this is not open for the public at the moment, because of abuse of the service. But don't worry, we got your back, feel free Contact-Us for private API keys & documentation.

2. Twilio trial

You can use Twilio trial account to get free credits on your account. You can spend those credits by sending SMS texts to any phone number in the world.
You can use Twilio for a various of services like: Whatsapp bulk messaging, carrier lookup, voince & video chat, email & sms automation.. and more.

3. Sakari Trial

By registring an account at Sakari, you get 100 credits to try their service. Including sending and receiving text messages.

4. Using free Apps

There are lots of apps that let you send SMS texts for free, but mainly to USA & Canada phone numbers.
Apps such as: Textme, Textfree, Text-Now, Talkatone, Free-tone, etc. But we don't recommend such apps, due to their strict limits & unreliability.

5. SMS via Wi-Fi

Yes, you can. Most smartphones can send and receive SMS texts & MSMS messages via WiFi, instead of cellular data.
You need a robust app for this, we recommend Signal app for this purpose. But you have many choices out there.